Animal Nutrition

  • Global No.2 position in premix
  • Globally branded specialty products
  • Leading local positions
  • Portfolio of products, models and services
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Fish Feed

  • Leading global supplier of salmon feed
  • Fish feed for more than 60 species
  • One global brand name Skretting
  • Nutreco in global top three shrimp feed
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Nutreco Worldwide

  • Active in 30 countries
  • Sales in 80 countries
  • Our own research centres
  • R&D budget € 24 M
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8 Reasons to Invest

  1. Nutreco is well-positioned to take advantage of the megatrends of a growing world population and higher demand for healthier food
  2. We have a clearly defined strategy; Ambition 2016
  3. Our growth is driven by a focus on innovation and M&A
  4. We possess market leading positions
  5. Nutreco's management has significant industry experience and track record
  6. We have achieved consistent revenue and profit growth since our IPO
  7. A strong balance sheet
  8. A history of consistent dividends

Latest Vacancies

Function Country
Pricing Analyst Netherlands Details
(Junior) Internal Auditor Netherlands Details
Product Manager Dairy Feed Ingredients Netherlands Details
Database Manager Dynamics CRM Netherlands Details
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