Our innovation creates high-value products

Development of global capabilities in line with strategy ‘Driving sustainable growth’. Nutreco’s expanding global footprint and strategic goals lead to the need for strengthened global capabilities.

As our innovation creates high-value products and solutions, we are now developing capabilities to better take these to the market. An important initiative in this direction is the creation of the Nutreco Academy. Nutreco Academy is the name for our global capability development agenda. The Nutreco Academy will focus on three streams of capability development:

  • Business excellence
  • Leadership development
  • Operational excellence

The initial set of priorities under business excellence is drawn from our focus on improving our go-to-market capabilities. Two best practice programmes are under development: Account Management and Value Selling. Both these programmes are being created by cross-functional teams and are designed for global application. The Account Management programme will address Nutreco's requirement of engaging with the integration and consolidation that is happening in our customer base, leading to the creation of large accounts. It will also enhance our ability to offer the full range of Nutreco's innovative products and solutions to our customers. The programme on Value Selling will support the same objectives but will focus more closely on revenue generation and margin enhancement.

The Nutreco Academy will also focus on leadership development through a three-tier approach. For senior leaders, a development experience called 'Leading and Managing Business' will be launched in 2014. For emerging leaders a new version of the existing programme (established in 2008), 'Expanding Horizons' will be developed. This programme will, in line with our global agenda, now have a global footprint.

On the agenda of the Nutreco Academy is also the development of a graduate trainee programme to cater to the long-term leadership requirements of Nutreco.