Driving sustainable growth

Knut Nesse, CEO Nutreco: "I believe we have three core elements to future success: they are strategy execution, innovation and competence of our people. We need to have innovation at the heart of Nutreco's culture; being innovative has to be the core value for Nutreco."

In 2013, Nutreco took a major step forward in its strategy, 'Driving sustainable growth'. It embarked on an ambitious goal of building a culture that integrates Nutreco globally and creates a long-term foundation to achieve the mission of 'Feeding the Future'.

Nutreco already has a strong record of developing innovative nutritional solutions on platforms such as feed efficiency, life start and preventive animal health. By placing innovation at the core of our culture, Nutreco can continue to be the leader in sustainable nutritional solutions. In addition to being innovative, we believe that our other values, being collaborative, capable and caring, will strongly contribute to our ambitions. 


We offer a broad choice of career opportunities within finance, feed safety and quality, information technology, management, research & development, sales, marketing, supply chain, operations and a wide range of support staff. Career opportunities can include working in different disciplines and in different countries.

Personal development is important within Nutreco. Therefore we offer our employees a learning & development  programme.