Maria Ferreiro Duran - Deputy Regional Manager

Job History

After joining Grupo Sada, a Nutreco company, in 2006 I completed additional courses, including an in-house course in Culture and Change and most recently the Expanding Horizons programme organised by Nutreco in Spain. I started in Porriño (North of Spain) as a Production Manager in 2006. One year later, I was transferred to the factory in Lominchar (Centre of Spain) where I developed my position during the following six years as a Production Manager and where, in December 2013,  I became a Deputy Regional Manager.

What I like most about Nutreco and my job?

Nutreco is actively working on sustainability. Another thing that I like about Nutreco is the open culture. The management is accessible. They talk with all different levels and they consider the opinion of the employees as really important. I can share my ideas and opinions with the management easily and the transparency of Nutreco’s management is highly appreciated. Personal development and development in careers is something that is also very important in our company. In my career I have already had the chance to participate in a talent programme, called Expanding Horizons, which was really great! With regard to my own accomplishments, I am very proud to say that with my team we were able to improve the financial situation of the factory that I work for. I enjoy the opportunity to experience different disciplines and departments which make my job quite unique within Nutreco.  I believe my work is composed of many different challenges which are always a little out of my comfort zone. This keeps me on my toes and this excitement and motivation suits my personality perfectly.