Story of Rob Kiers - General Manager Trouw Nutrition Hifeed

Rob Kiers - Managing Director

Job History

In February 2008 I joined Nutreco as an International Project Manager Finance. Nutreco started a project called ‘UFO’ that focused on the standardisation of finance processes for Nutreco worldwide. I joined this project for about a year and during that period I travelled to all of Nutreco’s companies to undertake the implementation. I also had the chance to participate in a talent development programme called ‘Expanding Horizons’. This gave me the opportunity to have a look at other disciplines in Nutreco. My coach in Expanding Horizons asked me what I wanted to achieve within Nutreco and my answer was ‘General Management’. My coach said that, if I wanted to reach this goal, I needed to have sales experience as well so I was appointed as Area Manager for the Eastern-Europe region within Trouw Nutrition Hifeed. After one year I received the opportunity to become General Manager of Trouw Nutrition Hifeed and that is what I have done for three years. In 2013 I worked with a team on developing a strategy for Nutreco Africa. This strategy was set up to put more focus on the continent of Africa for Nutreco. Since January 2014 I became the Managing Director for Nutreco Africa to further roll out the strategy.

What I like most about Nutreco and my job?

Nutreco is a big organisation, but within the Nutreco companies you experience the atmosphere of a small company. In my opinion the Nutreco companies have a real no-nonsense culture. Nutreco Africa is a very pragmatic and flat organisation with an open and informal atmosphere. Employees work hard and they feel involved and responsible for what they do. Nutreco gave me a lot of opportunities to develop myself.  If you take the chances that come around and you show good results, then Nutreco embraces this and helps you to develop further, even in different disciplines. Right now it feels like you have your own company. I get the possibility and freedom to act like an entrepreneur (of course taking into account the framework of Nutreco). This is what really drives and motivates me.