Satvir Kaur Bhatti - NIR Specialist

Job History

I obtained my degree in the Pharmaceutical Science area in India, my native country. After graduation, I worked for a company in India in the Research & Development department where I helped to develop new medicines. When I moved to Norway I noticed that Skretting ARC was looking for Research & Development employees. Skretting is a Nutreco company. In 2011 I was hired as a trainee, this meant learning about NIR (near infrared reflectance) spectroscopy, which is a rapid and convenient means of analyzing raw materials used in feed and the finished feed products. In April 2012 I was offered a permanent position as a NIR-specialist. It is amazing to see that many employees of my operating company started as a trainee.

What I like most about Nutreco and my job?

Nutreco gave me the opportunity to learn new things in my profession. I still have a lot to learn but I know that there are lots of options to develop myself. The best motivation for me is that you are rewarded for good work here. When you work hard and perform well this can result in new tasks within your current job or even in a promotion.  My goal is to develop myself to be able to evaluate and implement NIR calibration equations. What I also find great about this company is the open culture; it is possible to share your ideas and your opinion. Nutreco clearly invests in trying to involve employees: the management briefs all layers of the company regularly about what happens in Nutreco (e.g. strategy and plans).  This working environment makes me feel comfortable. It feels like being part of a family.