• Dutch investment firm SHV purchased Nutreco in March 2015. Nutreco was delisted in April 2015.
  • In June Nutreco organised the AgriVision conference in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, for 400 delegates. Key note speaker was Dr. Madeleine K. Albright. 






  • Nutreco expands its presence in Asia with two new state-of-the-art plants in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City area) and Indonesia (East Java) and a remodel of its Chinese plant in Xiangtan (Hunan)
  • In June Nutreco organised the AquaVision conference in Stavanger, Norway for 400 delegates. Key note speaker was Bob Geldof
  • Nutreco establishes joint venture in Nigeria to produce fish feed with a 60% shareholding
  • Nutreco acquires two Brazilian premix and feed specialties companies: Fatec Industria de Nutricao e Saude Animal Ltda and BRNova Sistemas Nutriconais SA, both Sao Paulo state
  • Acquisition in Ecuador takes Nutreco to global top 3 shrimp feed producer
  • Nutreco acquires 100% of Hendrix Misr in Egypt
  • Nutreco acquires 1/3 share of Dutch Feed in Ukraine
  • Completion of the upgrade of fish feed plant in Averoy, Norway
  • The seventh AgriVision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands
  • New strategy 'Ambition 2016 - driving sustainable growth' introduced
  • Sustainability Vision 2020 introduced
  • Nutreco raises its stake in Fri-Ribe
  • Nutreco acquires Bellman in Brazil
  • The ninth AquaVision conference is held in Stavangar, Norway
  • Wout Dekker steps down and Knut Nesse is appointed CEO
  • Nutreco reaches agreement on the sale of Trouw Nutrition Környe to Nuscience Group
  • Nutreco acquires Shihai Co Ltd. in China
  • The sixth Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands


  • Nutreco acquires Tomboy Aquafeed JSC in Vietman
  • The eighth AquaVision conference is held in Stavangar, Norway


  • Nutreco acquires the animal nutrition business from Cargill in Spain and Portugal
  • Nutreco acquires 51% shareholding in Brazilian animal nutrition and fish feed company Fri-Ribe
  • The fifth Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands


  • Nutreco acquires fish feed production facilities in Japan, Marine Net Co. Ltd.
  • Nutreco acquires fish feed company Nelson and Sons, Inc., the manufacturer of Silver Cup fish feed in the USA
  • Nutreco completes the acquisition of the feed and meat assets of Copaga in Catalonia, Spain
  • Nutreco acquires premix and specialty feed company Biofaktory in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • The seventh Aqua Vision conference is held in Stavanger, Norway


  • Euribrid is divested, marking the end of the rebalancing phase of the Rebalancing for Growth strategy

  • Nutreco doubles its global premix activities with the takeover of BASF businesses in eight countries

  • The fourth Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands

  • Nutreco acquires Canada's leading animal nutrition business including Shur-Gain and Landmark brands operating as Nutreco Canada Inc.

  • Nutreco signed a letter of intent to buy the feed and meat assets of Copaga in Catalonia, Spain

  • Nutreco 75% share in Marine Harvest is sold to Geveran Trading Co. Ltd.
  • The sixth Aqua Vision conference is held in Stavanger, Norway
  • Nutreco Annual Report wins the Sijthof Award for best financial reporting in mid and small cap companies in the Netherlands
  • Foundation of Marine Harvest as independent aquaculture company
  • The third Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands
  • Pingo Poultry and 50% share in Hendrix Poultry Breeders are divested
  • Nutreco announces Marine Harvest joint aquaculture venture with Stolt Nielsen SA
  • New Strategy ‘Rebalancing for Growth' is introduced
  • The second AgriVision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands
  • The Nutreco head office in Amersfoort is opened
  • Nutreco invests in Pivot Aquaculture fish feed businesses in Australia
  • The premix activities of Ducoa are acquired in the United States to become Trouw Nutrition USA
  • The first FUNDISA food safety seminar is held in Spain


  • Richard van Wijnbergen retires and Wout Dekker is appointed CEO
  • The first AgriVision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands
  • Környe feed and premix activities are acquired in Hungary
  • Compound feed company Voeders Haeck Belgium is acquired
  • Hydro Seafood salmon farming and processing activities in Norway and Ireland and processing in France are acquired
  • Løven Agro premix business in Denmark is acquired
  • Nutreco purchases 56% of cod hatchery, Cod Culture Norway; subsequently converted to 100% ownership
  • W. van Erp Holding BV, poultry hatchery is acquired in the Netherlands
  • Pig breeding company Bovar is acquired in the Netherlands
  • Fabrimar feed compounder is acquired in Portugal
  • Hencu broiler processing is acquired in the Netherlands
  • Fish feed activities of BOCM PAULS are acquired in the UK
  • Marine Harvest salmon farming and processing in Scotland and Chile is acquired
  • Biomaster fish feed activities in Chile are acquired
  • Joint venture company Yamaha Nutreco Aquatech is established in Japan to market fish feed
  • Acquisition of Caicaen salmon hatchery and farms in Chile
  • Merger of Hendrix pig slaughtering and processing activities with those of Murris Meppel and Smits Emmen in the Netherlands to form Hendrix Meat Group. Nutreco holds 50% with 100% ownership scheduled for 2003
  • Acquisition of Pepees Spzoo feed compounder in Poland
  • Euribrid layer breeding activities, Hisex and Bovans, are merged with Hendrix Poultry Breeders in a 50/50 joint venture known as Hendrix Poultry Breeders BV
  • Take over UTD by Nutreco's business unit Hendrix
  • Hendrix and UTD merge to form Hendrix UTD
  • Nutreco is floated on the Amsterdam stock exchange
  • Acquisition of remaining 56% of shares in Herca SA poultry processing in Spain
  • Acquisition of remaining 50% of AgriMarine salmon hatchery and farms in western Canada
  • Acquisition of Alma Vertreib Bozenhardt in Germany; feed specialities and fish feed
  • Acquisition of Polfarm, premixes in Poland
  • The first AquaVision conference is held in Stavanger, Norway. It has been held every second year since
  • A management buy out establishes Nutreco, with headquarters in Boxmeer, the Netherlands

  • Nutreco begins business in Japan with fish feed from Moore-Clark Canada

  • The premix activities of Cyanamid are acquired in Spain by BP Nutrition and added to Trouw Nutrition España
  • BP Nutrition acquires the poultry business of Conagra in Spain. It is added to Nanta


  • BP Nutrition buys Trouw Suralim, a fish feed producer in Chile that becomes Trouw Chile. Also in Chile, farming company Mares Australes is acquired
  • Nanta premix activities become part of the BP Nutrition Specialities Division and are augmented by the acquisition of Trouw España
  • Fish feed producer Moore-Clark Canada is acquired by BP Nutrition
  • Nanta is acquired by BP Nutrition, together with Sada and Hypor España
  • Skretting is acquired by BP Nutrition
  • Trouw starts making salmon feed
  • Hendrix companies are acquired by BP Nutrition
  • Trouw becomes part of BP Proteins and BP Nutrition is founded
  • Skretting begins making salmon feeds and Trouw begins making trout feeds
  • Hendrix lays foundations for Hendrix Meat Group and Pingo Poultry
  • UT is merged within Delfia to form Mengvoeder UT-DelfiaNanta is founded in Spain in 1968
  • Hendrix begins breeding activities that in 1959 become Euribrid
  • Trouw expands into poultry and pig feeds and introduces its first feed speciality
  • Adolf Trouw and Johannes Siemons establish the Trouw company near Rotterdam in the Netherlands to import fishmeal and animal meal for cattle feed
  • Engelbertus Hendriks establishes agricultural merchant business in Boxmeer, the Netherlands; changed to Hendrix in 1937 and later becomes Hendrix Feed
  • Torgeir Skretting senior sets up a company to supply animal feed to farmers around Stavanger, Norway
  • Ulbe Twijnstra founds UT agricultural merchants in Friesland, the Netherlands