SHV and Nutreco responses to the situation regarding Russia and Ukraine

7 March 2022

During the past days, SHV has followed the tragic events in Ukraine with sadness and disbelief. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all the people and families seeking safety, shelter and peace following the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by Russia.



In line with the SHV Purpose, our first priority is the well-being of our over 1,100 employees and their families in the region. Our teams are working around the clock to help secure their safety, using all the resources that are available. We will keep all our employees in mind throughout the region as we navigate through this crisis.

For now, no new investments, no new projects and no new exports to Russia will be undertaken. Simultaneously we asses our current and future obligations on a continuous basis as the situation evolves. We fully adhere to the sanctions, both in spirit and in law and make sure we stay compliant in what we do.  

In support of international efforts, we contribute to this humanitarian crisis in a practical way. For example, our colleagues from Gaspol, our Polish activities from SHV Energy, are providing gas bottles for heating to the shelters of refugees. 


At Nutreco, we deeply deplore the suffering and loss of life as a result of the war in Ukraine. We are working closely with our Ukrainian colleagues and their families to ensure their safety, which is our utmost priority at this time. In addition, we are focusing on safeguarding our operations in Ukraine and on ensuring continuity in the wider supply chain.

At this moment, we are continuing to work with our suppliers and customers in Russia and the Ukraine as we believe that, as a company that operates in the feed and food industry, it’s our social responsibility to support society with a continued supply of food.

In doing so, we will work in full compliance with all international sanctions. We are poised to adapt our plans as needed in this changing environment and are continually reviewing the situation together with colleagues in the region.