Models & services

Models & Services

We think beyond products

Feed costs account for as much as half of the productions costs in aquaculture. In livestock farming this number can even be as high as 70%. With raw material prices and quality as changeable and unpredictable as they are today, every feed-related decision has a significant impact on animal performance as well as profitability.

Our modular precision-feeding systems offer the latest nutritional science data and technology. With these models our customers can fine-tune their feeding strategies, with high nutritional accuracy and based on current market prices.

Precision feeding also contributes to producing more with less resources and to minimizing the waste of resources.

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In addition we offer a broad range of science-based tools and services, such as near-infrared (NIR) spectrometry of animal feed ingredients. NIR is a rapid and inexpensive test method and gives the same level of accuracy as traditional lab analyses. NIR application gives results within minutes, whereas traditional proximate analyses take up to several days.

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