1. Introduction

Sustainability is integral to our company strategy – it’s at the heart of our innovation agenda and how our divisions support customers around the world.

Reinforcing our sustainability commitment

The COVID-19 pandemic deeply affected our world in 2020, causing traumatic changes to economies, businesses and personal lives. The lessons we learned during this unprecedented year only reinforced our dedication to ensuring sustainability remains at the centre of all we do.

Awards and recognition

We were honoured to be recognized for our efforts in 2020, including being nominated as shortlisted finalist in two prestigious edie Sustainability Leaders Awards: “Sustainability Reporting & Communications” for last year’s report and “Product Innovation of the Year” for Trouw Nutrition’s Selko Revalet®.

Communicating sustainability

This year, we have set a clear goal to improve readership of our sustainability report, because we know how important it is to spread the word and engage people in our efforts to help build a more sustainable future for our planet.


1. Introduction
2. Who we are
3. What we do
4. Our partners
5. 2020 At a glance
6. Our dilemmas
7. Our guiding compass
8. Staying relevant
9. Community projects
10. About this report