3. What we do

Our talented and passionate people are key to everything we do. In 2020, we continued to invest in our people and in building a more diverse workforce. In our core group of 108 senior leaders, 43% appointments made during the year were female. We put particular attention on helping people stay healthy during the pandemic and adjust to different working conditions. Our operations teams within our two divisions collaborated across disciplines to ensure our activities were a sustainable and responsible part of the communities we operate in.

Our team 

We are proud of our people who went the extra mile in 2020 to ensure that their fellow employees stayed safe and got the support they needed to take care of themselves and their families. Read more in 3.1


It was a challenging but rewarding year for our Operations team, ensuring colleagues’ safety while serving customers to secure the food chain.  Read more in 3.2

Quality assurance

Our divisions’ quality teams adapted to market changes by sharing best practices, founding a new Nutreco Quality Committee, and updating our Nutrace standard with even clearer compliance criteria. Read more in 3.3

One procurement

We are working to increase cooperation between Nutreco’s procurement departments to make more impactful sustainability business decisions. Read more in 3.4

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

We introduced a new Nutreco Code of Conduct for Business Partners that enables us to engage with business partners on sustainability, compliance and integrity issues. Read more in 3.5

Health and safety

Nutreco stepped up efforts to continue to improve health and safety during this pandemic year – including by hosting the first Global Safety Week together with all companies in the SHV family. Read more in 3.6

Engagement with regulators

The rapidly changing global regulatory environment, coupled with a growing number of novel products and concepts developed by our innovation teams, is bringing both challenges and opportunities. Read more in 3.7

Ethics and compliance

Our Ethics and Compliance team made good progress in embedding our new Code of Conduct into our business operations and moving closer to the business, despite the challenges of COVID-19. Read more in 3.8


Paying our fair share of taxes is an ever-increasing component defining sustainability – and has always been part of Nutreco’s tax policy. Read more in 3.9


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