5. 2020 At a glance

2020 was a “bridging” year for Nutreco. We completed our Vision 2020 sustainability strategy in January and adopted our new RoadMap 2025 sustainability strategy to guide and measure our progress for the next five years.

Vision 2020

This report closes our Vision 2020 chapter by summarizing our progress during the last eight years of the strategy. We reached 85% of our overall goals, a result that reflects the fact that we didn’t include participation by a broad sample of business managers and functional directors in the Vision 2020 development process. We used this learning to inform our RoadMap 2025 process, which engaged a much broader group of stakeholders through an extensive materiality assessment.

Our footprint

We saw important trends developing in our greenhouse gas emissions reductions between 2019 and 2020; for example, we report a 12% drop in Scope 1 and 2 absolute CO2 emissions in 2020. When measured per production tonne sold our emissions reduction was even more significant, at -27%. We also reduced water usage substantially during the year.


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5. 2020 At a glance
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