6. Our dilemmas

We feel strongly about communicating transparently on our dilemmas. We believe that by sharing the long-term, fundamental issues we face in our industry, we can generate much-needed debate and engage people across the value chain in finding solutions. “Our dilemmas” is also the section of our report that receives the most feedback. For the third straight year, we continue with our candid discussion on some of the issues that keep us awake at night.

Eliminating deforestation

Deforestation is a complex challenge. The well-intentioned measures used to halt climate change and preserve our biodiversity need to be compatible with the right of landowners looking to make a living. Nutreco wants to play a key role, and, to this end, we continue to work towards a payment for environmental services agreement as part of the Brazilian Cerrado Working Group. In 2020, Skretting and the farmed salmon feed industry in Norway successfully negotiated a land deforestation and conversion-free cut-off date for all soy protein concentrate purchases from three Brazilian traders.

Reducing the risk of anti-microbial resistance

By 2050, poor antibiotic use management is predicted to create antibiotic resistance that could cause 10 million deaths per year – and 80% of antibiotic usage takes place in the animal husbandry sector. We are committed to reducing the risk of anti-microbial resistance by optimizing animal nutrition to prevent disease in the first place and offering feed additive solutions that reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics. Taking a stand on this issue can lead to tough business decisions, but we choose to be on the right side of the debate by working across our industry and offering long-term solutions to animal farmers.


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