7. Our guiding compass

RoadMap 2025 is our new “guiding star” for Nutreco’s group-wide sustainability programme, Nuterra, that outlines the ambitious targets we’ve committed to for the next five years. We will monitor and publish our progress on RoadMap 2025 through a new online progress assessment tool.

RoadMap 2025

RoadMap 2025 was approved and adopted by the Nutreco Executive Leadership Team in June 2020 after a one-and-a-half-year process that engaged hundreds of internal and external stakeholders.

Our RoadMap 2025 pillars

Our RoadMap 2025 ambitions fall under three pillars – health and welfare, climate and circularity, and good citizenship – that address nine Sustainable Development Goals. Under each pillar we have a main focus area: anti-microbial resistance, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diversity and inclusion along with community development.

Launching our new strategy

RoadMap 2025 offers measurable and significant change with the potential of “moving the needle” in several areas associated with our position in the protein production value chain. But to succeed, we need to demonstrate the business case to our customers and engage them in our journey through our divisions’ nutritional services and solutions.


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