8. Staying relevant

At Nutreco, we believe that our sustainability efforts are not only the right thing to do but help us stay relevant in the marketplace. While we strive to reduce our own manufacturing footprint, we know real change can come if we are able to empower our suppliers, customers and clients to do the same. Read on for three case studies that highlight our efforts in circularity, carbon neutrality and contained environmental impacts.

Trouw Nutrition replacing food-grade feed ingredients – a goal within reach

Our Trouw Nutrition division and Heineken, one of the world’s largest beer producers, are partnering on an initiative to connect the food and the feed industry. The two companies are working together to investigate the exciting possibilities of replacing food-grade ingredients in animal feed through Trouw Nutrition’s food by-product preservation programme, centred around its innovative Selko Revalet® solution.

Skretting Italy initiates carbon neutral opportunities

With food production accounting for around a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint reduction is one of the most effective ways that supply chains can address the climate change challenge. Skretting Italy launched a ground-breaking new carbon neutral feed concept, Feed4Future, in 2020 that enables aquaculture diets with a 10% lower carbon footprint than standard diets.

NuFrontiers – Investment in Nordic Aqua Partners (NAP) to establish China’s first land- based salmon farm at commercial scale

In 2020, Nutreco’s strategic innovation and investment team NuFrontiers invested in the Scandinavian company Nordic Aqua Partners, which plans to bring ultra-fresh supplies of Atlantic salmon to Chinese consumers through the country’s first recirculating aquaculture system technology farm at a commercial scale. Since China is entirely dependent on imported salmon – the airfreight of which leads to significant emissions — this initiative can meet growing Chinese demand with a lower carbon footprint.


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