Nutreco conducted a complete materiality assessment in late 2018, that identified 13 issues as material for our future by internal and external stakeholders:

In 2021, we performed a “materiality refresh” to determine whether these 13 issues still reflect Nutreco’s most material sustainability topics. We started the refresh exercise with all 13 material issues – which we found are still seen as material by our stakeholders - and then eliminated the issues that were considered highly material but are covered by other corporate departments, e.g., health and safety, product safety and business integrity. Of the seven remaining material topics covered by the sustainability department, we drilled down further to ensure we understood which were not only material but highly material to our stakeholders.


We found that animal welfare and natural resource scarcity were not considered highly material by the participating stakeholders interviewed for the materiality refresh. Our stakeholders considered these topics to be out of Nutreco’s direct scope of influence, as our animals are held at contracted farms and the resources we source come mainly from agriculture and are not considered directly depleting resources. In addition, the stakeholders we interviewed noted that climate change was missing from the original list. This was an omission the NSP had already decided to address; we had determined that though climate change was not prioritised by stakeholders in the original materiality assessment, it was nonetheless a highly material topic for Nutreco and would be a major pillar (Climate & Circularity) in RoadMap 2025.

In the end, our materiality refresh identified the following six highly material topics for Nutreco going forward.

The refresh also demonstrated that sustainability continues to be important to our internal and external stakeholders. We will be conducting a full materiality assessment during 2022 to continue and reinforce the focus of RoadMap 2025.


1.1 Our brands, customers and suppliers
1.2 Sustainability governance within Nutreco
1.3 Materiality refresh
1.4 Our supply chain