5. Pillar three: Good Citizenship

Diversity and inclusion

Supporting women’s leadership and ensuring sufficient participation of women in decision making and governance bodies at all levels and across business areas. Read more in 5.1.

Community development

Undertaking responsible investing, impact investing, community investing and social impact investing. Read more in 5.2.

Stakeholder engagement

We believe that engaging with internal and external stakeholders is key to ensuring we invest the right focus and effort in continuous improvement and dealing with the complex issues that face the future of sustainable food. Read more in 5.3.

Our Collaborations

At Nutreco, we are proud of our ongoing collaboration in various precompetitive platforms. This has been a legacy of our past commitments and continues in our vision for the future. Read more in 5.4.

Other partnerships

Established in 2010, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is arguably the most stringent, robust and credible environmental and social standard in the farmed seafood sector. Read more in 5.5.


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4. Pillar two: Climate & Circularity
5. Pillar three: Good Citizenship
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