5.2 Community development

For each of our RoadMap 2025 goals and targets, we have aligned an SDG sub-target to measurably address the issue.


SDG sub-target 2.1: Identifying new ways to feed the growing global population sustainably

Nutreco has adopted the “creating shared value” concept when engaging with small, marginalised, farmers in the communities where we are present. Currently, we manage three community development projects, in Maharashtra (India), Ibadan (Nigeria) and in La Fragua (Guatemala). For all three projects, we partner with a local NGO to bring together marginalised farmers (often earning less than €1.90 per day), sharing knowledge with them and training them in best-practice production protocols to help them produce and farm more sustainably. We utilise Skretting’s or Trouw Nutrition’s nutritional solutions, fit for purpose, to ensure that the farmers reach the outcomes we hope for and expect.

Catfish sustainability project

Generating income for marginalised farmers

The Catfish Sustainability Project is a social intervention for catfish farmers funded by Nutreco and Skretting Nigeria and facilitated by our local NGO partner, the Justice Development and Peace Commission, Ibadan.


Empowering women through egg farming

Following our purpose of Feeding the Future, Nutreco, Trouw Nutrition SCA and our local NGO partner Good Neighbors initiated the Plumas project in 2017. Plumas aims to break the poverty cycle by providing a sustainable source of income and a stable source of food and enabling access to education.

Trust Dairy project

Maharashtra community development

Trust Dairy is a sustainable dairy farming initiative, delivered through a collaboration between Solidaridad, Nutreco, Govind Milk and Milk Products and the Baramati Agriculture Development Trust.


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