Nutreco Exploration (NutEx) – our discovery branch

Over the past decade, Nutreco has invested in feed additives, because of their potential for future growth and their ability to help us achieve our purpose of Feeding the Future. Read more in 8.1.

Occupational health and safe work

We care about the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors, visitors and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to promoting a safe working environment of continuous improvement, trust and mutual collaboration. Read more in 8.2.

Quality assurance

During 2021, the Quality teams in Trouw Nutrition and Skretting continued to focus on implementing internal and external improvements aimed at delivering high standards of feed-to-food quality and safety for our customers. Read more in 8.3.

Ethics and compliance

In 2021, the focus was on bringing our Ethics and Compliance (E&C) function closer to the business by fully embedding our compliance standards into business operations. Read more in 8.4.

Government Relations

Nutreco’s Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs department is responsible for overseeing the company’s relations with governmental bodies and authorities. Read more in 8.5.


As part of SHV, Nutreco is committed to achieving the highest standards of ethics and acting with integrity, in line with the law and relevant policies. Read more in 8.6.


1. Who we are
2. Our roadmap
3. Pillar one: Health & Welfare
4. Pillar two: Climate & Circularity
5. Pillar three: Good Citizenship
6. Roadmap 2025 progress assessment tool
7. Staying relevant
8. How we work
9. About this report