4. Pillar two: Climate and circularity

The global food system is a significant contributor to GHG emissions, and Nutreco is in a unique position to help lower emissions across the animal protein production value chain. Our vision is to be recognised as a leading partner in functional and nutritional solutions for sustainable farming.

Climate and footprinting

We are working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, not only within our own operations but also across the value chain by supporting our partners in reducing emissions within their businesses. Read more in 4.1.

Natural resources

At Nutreco we are concerned that our impact throughout the value chain improves every day and we strive to improve the lives of all the people involved in it. Read more in 4.2.

Novel and circular ingredients

To sustainably feed a growing world population, we cannot rely only on conventional ingredients. Read more in 4.3.

Transparency in the footprint of our products

Measuring the environmental impact of our ingredients, operations and products is key to reducing our scope 3 emissions, as we are only able to manage what we measure. Read more in 4.4

Sustainable packaging

We work to balance using packaging with the lowest possible environmental impact with our need to deliver quality products and present our brands well. Read more in 4.5.


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