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Knut Nesse appointed managing director of SeaBOS

Nutreco’s outgoing CEO Knut Nesse has been appointed to the position of managing director of SeaBos, from January 1 2019. SeaBOS is a unique initiative that brings together some of the largest seafood companies in the world to identify science-based solutions to issues the industry faces. Companies that are part of the initiative, as well as Nutreco, include Marine Harvest, Cargill, Nissui and CPF.

Speaking about the appointment, Knut says, “The ocean cannot wait and we have the responsibility to make a difference. We now have a solid financial and institutional basis for this young initiative, which started only in 2016, and I am very happy to accept this new position as SeaBOS director."

Knut Nesse appointed managing director of SeaBOS

Nutreco invests in ViAqua to combat disease in the shrimp market

Amersfoort, July 4 – Nutreco announces today that it has invested in Israeli startup ViAqua as part of its focus on combatting disease in the aquaculture industry.

ViAqua is developing the first orally-administered treatment for shrimp that improves resistance to viral diseases, including White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV), and prevents viral epidemics. Nutreco has taken a meaningful minority share that will conditionally grow over time.

The solution offered by ViAqua, which was founded in 2014, uses a proprietary particle to disable viral infections. In the future, ViAqua intends to expand to include more species, like other shellfish such as lobster and crab, and small fish.

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Empowering small-scale tilapia farmers in Zambia

The latest project for Skretting is located in the Mpulungu region in the north of Zambia. Forty five farmers are participating in the project of which 44% are women.

This project was initiated in 2017 and officially launched in late July this year. "For a long time, farmers in Zambia have had the challenge of getting good quality fingerlings and good quality feed for farmers," says Jurre Zaal, General Manager Skretting Zambia.

"Skretting is happy to fill that gap and provide farmers with the Skretting feed and services that they need through initiatives like this community development project."

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