Our purpose

Feeding the Future

Nutreco is a leading animal nutrition company offering solutions that go beyond nutrition – we provide best-in-class advice and technology to help our customers produce more feed in a sustainable way to feed the growing population.

Nutreco's story 

Imagine a baby born in 2024. Digital native, world citizen, modern human. And like all the other 8 billion humans on the earth today (2023), an omnivore able to choose a varied diet, with protein an important daily part. At Nutreco, our business is built around supporting the people who produce this healthy protein.

Our Purpose

Purpose, vision & values

Everything we do as a company is driven by our purpose, vision and values.


We are working across the value chain to create a more sustainable food system, and a better future for our industry and our planet.

People & careers

We believe in three core elements to future success: strategy execution, innovation, and competence of our people. Our values; Trust, Inclusion,  Integrity, Curiosity and Passion are supportive of those three core elements. 

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Nutreco has two company business lines, operating in aquaculture and animal nutrition.

Skretting is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds, making it an essential link in the feed-to-food chain.
Trouw Nutrition is a global leader in innovative feed specialities, premixes and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry.