Good citizenship

For years, Nutreco has been on a journey in the realm of community development projects, showing our commitment to creating positive social impact while fostering sustainable growth. Our approach to community development aims to create shared value, for our company and also for the local communities in which we operate. We maximise the effectiveness of these projects by working together with many partners who have a similar mindset. 


Our targets

We aim to positively impact the lives of 12,000 farmers by sharing best practices and creating jobs. And now we want to take our approach to community development a step further, to not only uplift farmers’ livelihoods but also reinforce economic growth and farming efficiency.

Our progress

Currently, we are engaged in 12 active community development projects across various regions and sectors. In addition, seven projects have recently reached successful completion, reflecting a dedication to creating tangible positive impacts in the communities where Nutreco operates.

Our communities

Most of the local communities in the developing world depend on agriculture for people’s livelihoods. In recent years, Nutreco has committed to setting up projects in Asia and Africa to build inclusive, sustainable supply chain models. 

Read more about our projects in India and Nigeria. 


Our people

Diversity & Inclusion

At Nutreco, we aim for our teams to reflect the diverse and global society we live and work in, and to be the change we want to see. We want everyone to thrive in an environment where we feel valued and respected, in a culture that brings out the best in all of us.

Pay equity

We are committed to offering equal pay and remuneration to employees with the same job requirements, skills and experience, who work in the same location.

Health , Safety & Environment

We care about the health, safety, and security of our employees, contractors, visitors, and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to promoting a safe working environment of continuous improvement, trust and mutual collaboration.

Speak Up

At Nutreco we believe in acting with integrity. We do business in line with our values, Code of Conduct, policies, and the law. Honesty and openness is highly valued at Nutreco. Therefore, if you feel that something may be wrong, please let us know. It gives us the opportunity to make things right. 

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