Research and Development

Our product- and service-focused research and development takes place at business line level through research centres and research farms across the globe. We partner with more than 60 universities and research institutes worldwide to speed up the innovation development cycle.

Innovation at Skretting

At its core, the Skretting innovation strategy is focused on driving sustainable, nutritional, health and farming solutions in an integrated value proposition for customers. They validate their assumptions, are in tune with global forces driving change on our planet and have pioneered a movement that inspires all colleagues to use innovation methodology in their daily work.

Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) is the business line global research organisation. For over 30 years, Skretting ARC’s large, industry-leading team of scientists and experts specialising in fish and shrimp nutrition and health as well as feed production technology has been delivering innovations that define and support the progress of aquaculture.

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Trouw Nutrition’s global research facilities

All the nutritional solutions Trouw Nutrition brings to market are science-based, thoroughly evaluated and continuously tested to help customers address today’s toughest challenges. At the business line in-house research facilities, they annually welcome nearly 5,000 visitors and conduct more than 70 global R&D studies on topics including new molecules, modes of action, ingredient properties and animal metabolism.

Trouw Nutrition’s research facilities and global validation farm network cover the globe, providing the business line with valuable opportunities to conduct studies in varied environmental conditions. All their research meets the highest standards of animal welfare regulations.

Discover Trouw Nutrition’s research facilities around the globe

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