Innovation & investments

Feeding the Future will require us to revolutionise how we produce protein, which will take an unprecedented level of innovation. Nutreco is committed to playing a key role in developing new solutions.

Our approach

Science-based innovation has always been at the heart of our business. Our business lines excel at product- and service-focused research and development to support customers and propel our industry forward in a more sustainable direction. We’ve added a focus on breakthrough innovation and investments, opening our company up to completely new markets and helping us achieve our purpose of Feeding the Future.

Breakthrough innovation & investments with NuFrontiers

In 2018, Nutreco took a bold step in creating a new team focused on strategic innovation and investments. Called NuFrontiers, its objective is to identify, develop and invest in next-generation breakthrough innovations throughout the protein value chain.

NuFrontiers focuses on new technologies that address major bottlenecks and opportunities across our value chain and that could ultimately change the way food is produced, including by significantly reducing its environmental footprint.

Science-based innovation 

Nutreco's research and development activities take place mainly at our divisions and are driven by the belief that we must bring knowledge and technology to the market, faster and more effectively. Our divisions do this by translating world-class scientific research and innovation into practical, sustainable nutritional solutions.

Our competitions

Nutreco Feed & Food Tech Challenge

The competition acknowledges the best breakthrough innovations within livestock farming, aquaculture and alternative food proteins. Start-ups from across the globe apply by submitting their breakthrough innovations to address critical challenges in the feed and food value chain. The third edition was organized in 2020. Stay tuned for updates on the next challenge in 2022!

Nutreco Young Researcher's Prize

Launched in 2019 to mark Nutreco’s 25th anniversary, this Prize is awarded to the most promising research by PhD and post-doctorate students working globally across animal, aquaculture and veterinary sciences.

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