We are working across the value chain to create a more sustainable food system, and a better future for our industry and our planet.

Our promise on sustainability

At Nutreco, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are embedding it into all our business and operational processes so that we can fulfill our commitment to deliver sustainable products and services. It begins with sourcing the most sustainable ingredients and continues on the farm, where we are focused on achieving the best results in both animal health and farm productivity.

Our RoadMap 2025 ambitions

Our RoadMap 2025 was developed in partnership with our stakeholders and outlines the path we will take in the five years from 2020-2025 to build a more sustainable food system. It includes bold, firm and measurable targets, addressing issues including the reduction of CO2 emissions, sustainability packaging, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), waste reduction and the decoupling of deforestation from our supply chain.

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Climate change is one of the most significant threats we face today as a society and to the future of our business. We are running out of time to avoid the tipping point of global warming, which is why we are setting bolder and measurable ambitions. Using Nutreco’s industry expertise and working closely with our partners, we know we can make a difference at significant scale while we work towards our purpose of Feeding the Future.
Robert van den Breemer, Nutreco Sustainability Director

Sustainability reports

On a global scale, the sustainability challenges of food production are both significant and intensifying. Through our focus on sustainable innovation we aspire to be part of the solution. As an animal nutrition and aqua feed company with a global presence, we are ideally positioned to contribute towards the development of more sustainable food production.


Our partnerships

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Science based targets initiative

Soy-and Oil Palm ingredients sourcing policy

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