Bringing sustainability to life

All across Nutreco, teams are working towards the sustainability goals under our three pillars – health and welfare, climate and circularity, and good citizenship. Their passion for our purpose of Feeding the Future and strong commitment to creating a brighter future shine through in their stories, which we are happy to share here. Read their stories here.

Health and welfare

Inga Food Spain

Amid a challenging four years for the pork industry in Spain, Nutreco’s Inga Food – world leader in Iberian pig production – was able to meet its 2025 antibiotic reduction targets more than a year early by taking a holistic approach to animal health. 

Climate and circularity

Skretting Australia

A dilemma facing our Skretting Australia team and an email seeking solutions recently played a role in prompting a Nutreco-wide decision that will have a significant impact on helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Find out how a simple question can have an amazing ripple effect when people have the courage to care.

Skretting Egypt

Our Skretting business in Egypt faced considerable challenges in the journey to reduce energy usage – the biggest being the fact that they are off-grid for electricity and natural gas. The team pushed themselves to be creative and work through barriers to improve their performance. And, as a result, they achieved incredible results in the first year.

Trouw Nutrition North America

Our Trouw Nutrition team in North America had an “Aha!” moment when they realised that 80% of the region’s emissions come not from propane forklifts, not from diesel trucks, but from natural gas –– and nearly 100% of this natural gas was used to create steam for their plants’ pelleting process. What better place to start reducing emissions than in the steam boilers used in all 19 of their feed production facilities?

Good citizenship

Trust Dairy India

Our Trust Dairy project, that kicked off in 2021 came to a successful conclusion in 2024, achieving all its KPIs and helping thousands of smallholder dairy farmers in India operate more sustainably and profitably.