Health, safety and environment

We ensure and promote a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees, visitors and contractors so that everyone we work with can return home at the end of the day without harm. In line with our values, we aim for zero fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses. This applies to our workplace and the environment in which we operate, as well as our supply chain.

Our approach

At Nutreco, people come first - so we do not compromise on safety or health. We promote a working environment of trust and mutual collaboration. We believe that zero harm is possible when everyone demonstrates a caring attitude towards their colleagues, visitors and everyone working in our facilities while strictly following our health and safety procedures and instructions 

With a robust Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) system and a NuSAFE Policy Statement - English.pdf, we are working to continuously improve through training and awareness from top management all the way through to the rest of the company.


We commit to:

  1. Provide our employees with regular trainings and compliant personal protective equipment so they can perform their work safely and without harm to their health.
  2. Increase all our leaders’ awareness by implementing Visible Felt Leadership (VFL). 
  3. Engage our leaders, employees and stakeholders to collaborate in identifying potential hazards and unsafe behaviours through regular joint inspections and audits. 
  4. Encourage everyone to respect the Life Saving Rules, to stop a task if they feel unsafe, and to report any incident or unsafe situation without fear of reprisal. Check 
  5. Build a learning organisation, through good practice and experience sharing, and collaboration across sites and functions. 
  6. Investigate all HSE incidents in our facilities and any incidents that happen to our colleagues in third-party facilities.
  7. Benchmark and monitor KPIs according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
  8. Continue regularly auditing our operations and provide the means to follow up on all non-conformities.

This inspiring video not only shows them emphasizing the importance of having Life Saving Rules, it also celebrates the diversity within our company and the strength of having a common goal gained from embracing different perspectives and experiences.