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Nutreco announces investment in West Coast Salmon

Amersfoort, October 6, 2020 - Nutreco is proud to be one of four key investors in recirculating aquaculture systems company, West Coast Salmon. 

West Coast Salmon aims to build a best-in-class RAS facility for Atlantic salmon farming in Nevada, serving the attractive US West Coast market. The investment underlines Nutreco’s ongoing commitment to Feeding the Future; our company’s mission to contribute to producing enough nutritious and high-quality food for a growing population in a sustainable way.

Nutreco announces the winners of its Feed & Food Tech Challenge 2020

Amersfoort, the Netherlands [September 23] – Nutreco today announces the winners of this year’s Nutreco Feed & Food Tech Challenge (NFTC2020). First held in 2017, the event acknowledges the best breakthrough innovations in livestock farming, aquaculture and, for the first time this year, alternative food proteins.

In this competition, 15 finalists were selected from over 110 submissions by startups from across the globe. On September 22, the top three finalists eniferBio, Poultrix and Bond Pet Foods pitched again to the NFTC2020 jury, this time in a hope to win the top spot in the competition. The jury of the event consisted of Nutreco and external experts, including AquaSpark’s Mike Velings, Mathieu Castex of Lallemand Animal Nutrition and David Welch of The Good Food Institute. The winner wins a validation trial worth 50,000 euros, the second place winner will receive 10,000 euros and third place will receive 5,000 euros.​

Watch the NFTC2020 winners’ announcement by Nutreco’s Director of Venturing and NFTC2020 head juror Joost Matthijssen here.

The winner of the NFTC2020 and receiving the scientific validation trial is eniferBio.  This startup from Finland works to create a better future using fewer natural resources by revolutionizing an existing single cell protein technology to produce raw materials for aquaculture. In second place is Poultrix from Israel, which provides a digital solution to help poultry integrators manage its farming operations in a more efficient, sustainable and responsible way.  Coming in at third place is Bond Pet Foods. The startup’s breakthrough innovation was applying an innovative marketing and technology approach towards pet food.

Alex Obach, Aquaculture NFTC2020 juror and Skretting Head of R&D comments, ‘I’d like to congratulate eniferBio on their exciting technology solution and on winning the NFTC2020. Their innovation addresses raw material sustainability, one of the key challenges the aquaculture industry is facing. I look forward to working with them to validate their technology and explore further collaboration.”

Nutreco’s Director of Venturing and NFTC2020 head juror Joost Matthijssen comments, “We were impressed by the standard of breakthrough innovations throughout this competition. As the 15 finalists put their best foot forward during the pitch sessions to the jury and Nutreco colleagues around the world, we have added an audience award for the NFTC2020 Best Pitch. This award for the startup that gave the best pitch in terms of message delivery, presentation style and engagement was decided by Nutreco employees based.”

Fumi ingredient is the winner of the audience award for the NFTC2020 Best Pitch and wins a 5,000 euro prize. 

The next edition of the Nutreco Feed & Food Tech Challenge will take place in 2022. Stay tuned to Nutreco’s LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.

Nutreco announces changes in its Executive Committee

Nutreco announces changes in its Executive Committee

Amersfoort, July 1, 2020 – Nutreco has today announced a number of changes in its Executive Committee (ExCo). Harm de Wildt, Nutreco Chief Operating Officer and CEO Trouw Nutrition, will retire from the company. His role will be taken over by Saskia Korink, currently Innovation Director at Trouw Nutrition. At the same time, Nutreco’s Chief Innovation Officer Viggo Halseth has announced he will step down from the ExCo. He will continue in his current role, focusing full-time on developments, projects and investments in alternative aquaculture farming.

Harm de Wildt to retire; Saskia Korink to lead Trouw Nutrition

After a career at Nutreco spanning over 19 years, Harm de Wildt has announced he will retire from the company at the end of 2020. Saskia Korink will take on the role of Nutreco Chief Operating Officer and CEO Trouw Nutrition, from August 15. Until the end of the year, Harm will support Saskia in her transition into the role and lead a number of key projects. He will continue to report into Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans.

“Harm has been a stalwart of the company for many years and his tireless enthusiasm and commitment has brought about lasting positive impact in Nutreco,” says Rob. “Over recent years, he has successfully introduced a Trouw Nutrition global strategy focused on nutrition, health and precision farming while developing an innovation strategy for the division. We will miss Harm and wish him all the best in future.”

Harm comments, “I have really enjoyed the past 19 years at Nutreco and will be sad to leave but I’m excited about the new phase in my life. In Saskia I believe we have found the right leader for Trouw Nutrition, with the skills and knowledge to successfully take the division into the future.”

Saskia joined Nutreco just under two years ago as Innovation Director and has been pivotal in bringing R&D and marketing closer together and in the success of Trouw Nutrition’s newly-created Species Councils. She has also implemented a customer-focused innovation approach to accelerate bringing innovation to the market. Prior to joining Nutreco, she worked at Cargill for over 10 years in a number of roles, including as leader of the Latin American Cocoa business and as Global Marketing Director for Cargill’s Animal Nutrition business. She also held senior-level positions in a number of other companies, including Chief Operating Officer responsible for ABS at Genus plc.

 “I’m delighted that Saskia has accepted the role and excited that she joins the ExCo and will bring value, not just to Trouw Nutrition but also in leading the Nutreco as a whole,” Rob says. “Through her work over the past two years, she has proven herself to have a deep knowledge about our industry and our value chain, and she has already made significant positive changes in the way we develop and market our products.”

Saskia’s successor will be announced in due course.

Viggo Halseth to focus on alternative aquaculture farming

Meanwhile, with effect from August 1, Nutreco’s Chief Innovation Officer Viggo Halseth will step down from the ExCo in order to focus completely on his current role of exploring opportunities in the area of alternative aquaculture farming, such as Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Viggo will continue to report into Rob Koremans.

“As the number of alternative aquaculture farming innovations continues to grow, the time needed to assess potential partners, investments or projects is growing too,” Viggo explains. “Moving forward, as I can focus solely on this exciting area we will be able to continue to develop our strategy and move quickly when we see the right opportunities.”

Rob adds, “Alternative aquaculture farming is a key component in fulfilling Nutreco’s mission of Feeding the Future. I’m delighted that Viggo is freeing up his time to focus on this and I’m excited by the possibilities we see.” 

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2019

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Nutreco today publishes its online 2019 Sustainability Report, highlighting the work being done across the company at both a global and local level to drive the company’s mission of Feeding the Future.

Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans says, “At Nutreco, sustainability remains not only a driving force in our business – it’s the only way we do business. Employees across our whole company are focused on our mission of Feeding the Future, carrying it out in ways that fit our local priorities and show their passion for serving customers and communities. In 2019, we took our mission into exciting new directions, through our investments in breakthrough innovation to help our industry produce more food, more sustainably.”

Watch a conversation between Nutreco’s CEO Rob Koremans and Corporate Sustainability Director José Villalón about Nutreco’s 2019 Sustainability Report here. Read the full report here.


Nutreco commits to adopting Science Based Targets

Nutreco commits to adopting Science Based Targets

Amersfoort, April 29, 2020 – Nutreco today announces that it has committed to adopting Science Based Targets, reflecting the company’s continuing drive to achieve its mission of Feeding the Future and help the world produce enough nutritious and high-quality food for its growing population in a sustainable way.

Nutreco has joined the global ranks of 850 other leading companies by signing a letter of commitment with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) indicating that the company will work to set a science-based emission reduction target. A global collaboration between CDP, the World Resources Institute, World Wide Fund for Nature and the United Nations Global Compact, the SBTI champions science-based target setting to boost companies’ competitive advantage in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

“The SBTI is helping companies to align their carbon reduction strategies with the objectives of the 2015 Paris Agreement, and we’re pleased to join the initiative, together with other companies that are leading the way,” said Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans. “We are working to set realistic yet ambitious reduction targets and plan to submit them for SBTI approval before the end of the year.”

According to the SBTI process, companies first publicly commit to setting Science Based Targets (SBT). After that, they have two years to set reduction targets for Scope 1, 2 and 3 CO2 emissions: Scope 1 relates to energy generated on-site, Scope 2 relates to energy purchased and Scope 3 covers energy use that takes in the supply chain. Finally, participating companies pledge to report on their progress annually.

“The requirement to influence Scope 3 emissions – and the domino effect this has in the value chain – is what makes SBT so interesting and challenging,” says Nutreco Sustainability Director José Villalon. “For example, if grocery retailers commit to SBT, this means their meat suppliers must submit their CO2 reductions each year, and on down the value chain to feed and finally premix suppliers. So, eventually, companies across the chain will need to get on the SBT bandwagon to maintain their relationships with customers, helping to drive change throughout our industry.”


Our stance on soy

Nutreco, through its divisions Skretting (aquaculture) and Trouw Nutrition (animal nutrition), purchases soy each year as a raw ingredient for our animal and aqua feed products. Some of this is purchased from Brazil. Whilst we have no reason to believe that soybean farmers in our supply chain hold any responsibility for the fires in the Amazon, we are actively conducting an internal review with the aim of ensuring the soy we buy in deforestation-risk geographies is conversion-free or certified deforestation free. This review may result in prioritizing soy purchases out of high-risk sectors. 

We believe that companies within our industry play an important role in ensuring raw materials are farmed in a sustainable way and we are committed to doing our part. Wherever possible, we always work with NGOs and reputable international organizations to ensure the raw materials we source are sustainable and farmed with as little impact as possible on the planet. In addition, our divisions Skretting and Trouw Nutrition have transition plans in place to meet deforestation targets by 2025 set-out by FEFAC. Supply chain diversification, development of alternative ingredients and risk minimization have been, and will continue to be, a focus for Nutreco.

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