Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

We invest in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) projects, which are land-based aquaculture farms that reuse water by cycling it through a filtration system. RAS operations are highly sustainable, as they reduce aquaculture’s need for water and space, as well as ‘food miles’ between farm and fork. 

These systems provide aquaculture farmers the convenience of growing any species of fish in any location. The controlled environment enables them to improve the species’ overall health and growth by monitoring water quality to ensure conditions remain optimal.  

RAS-based facilities have increased in number exponentially, and more are being implemented worldwide, year after year. These farms increasing being used for the entire life cycle (not only for early stages in freshwater) represents a paradigm shift for aquaculture. Our aquaculture division Skretting was the first in the industry to introduce dedicated RAS feeds to the market back in 2009, and today is the market leader for feeds specifically designed for recirculating aquaculture systems. 

Skretting operates three dedicated RAS-based research facilities across the world, each of which has a unique focus. The central RAS team at the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) is made up of many knowledgeable researchers who specialise in these systems.  

Relevant Investments


Norwegian industry experts producing quality Atlantic salmon in land-based farming facility at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan.



Global developer of Atlantic salmon projects, on course to build and operate multiple vertically integrated aquaculture production and processing facilities using land-based RAS technology. Some of its products are sold under the Pure Salmon brand. 

The Kingfish Company

Dutch company tapping into the pristine marine estuary water of the Eastern Scheldt, a Natura 2000 nature reserve, to deliver a healthy, antibiotic-free premium delicacy: the Dutch Yellowtail.

West Coast Salmon

U.S. company aiming to serve fresh and sustainably raised Atlantic salmon to health- and environmentally conscious West Coast consumers.


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