Livestock start-ups:


Beakbook is a weight collection and prediction system for chickens, specialising in transparent, high accuracy data collection that farmers can trust. Their API allows developers to easily integrate data from farm-side sensors.


Biorefic is a next-generation zero-waste biorefinery manufacturing prebiotics, alternative lipids, and proteins for animal feed and aquaculture without using food inputs. Enhancing farm animal health and feed efficiency at the source – the gut microbiota.


Jaguza is an online and offline cloud-based Livestock Management system focused on empowering Livestock Production to strengthen Food security and mitigate the risk of disease, using data science, IoT and Big Data.


Microharvest has a patented technology that allows producing nutritional biomass from extremely fast-growing bacteria, with potential applications across the whole protein value chain.


YieldX is the first AIoT-driven (combines IoT and AI), data platform to predict and early detect critical Biosecurity events through senses. Targeting Poultry integrations, the company deploys an IoT platform that continuously monitors environmental, operational, physiological and behavioral parameters in order to create the most significant meta data picture for fast and reliable Biosecurity-related insights and actions.

Aquaculture start-ups:


Aquanzo produces sustainable marine proteins. Focusing on zooplankton farming solutions, for aquafeed. Their vision is to maximise sustainable aquaculture outputs while protecting the ocean.


Aquarech is a platform allowing fish farmers to buy feed, access the tools to operate their farm, and to sell their fish production - efficiently, sustainably, and transparently.​ Its vision is to become the number one service platform for small and medium-sized fish farmers in Africa.​

Cirkulär Bio

Cirkulär AB is working at the intersection of biotechnology and food technology, developing novel approaches to sustainable food production. Fungi-based protein solution with a similar amino acid profile as fishmeal and whey. Reducing the environmental impact of soybean production, and larger scalability.

Organicin Scientific

Organicin Scientific creates a bacteriocin-based functional feed additive. Their functional feed ingredients support sustainable initiatives by preventing disease and gut dysbiosis, and reducing the need for antibiotics.


Aquaculture farm management for fish and shrimp farms, with a digital platform to reduce risks and improve the yield. Through cost, inventory and remote management tools.

Alternative proteins start-ups:

Aïo Tech

Aio Tech is utilizing microbes along with wood industry byproducts as feedstock to sustainably produce lipids that can be used in feed and food.


BioBetter Ltd. has developed a groundbreaking, cost-effective, protein expression plant-based platform to produce complex growth factors for use in cultivated meat. Using a proprietary purification process that reduces production costs and substantially simplifies the process when compared to other currently available purification platforms.

Harmony Baby Nutrition

Milk Care Co., Inc. (“Harmony”) is a food-science based company applying cutting-edge biotechnology to mimic the composition of human breast milk and create the next generation of infant formulas. Harmony is the first breast milk protein-based formula and the only dairy-free and allergy-free and environmentally friendly baby nutrition in the world.

Mogale Meat

Mogale Meat Co is an innovative South African start-up company that is solving cell biology and bioprocess engineering challenges enabling the production of healthy and nutritious animal meat products by way of Cell Cultivated Meat. Through Cell Cultivated Meat we aim to conserve natural resources, from land to water, and the animals that thrive throughout Africa, with a vision of rewilding and preserving our wildlife and biodiversity heritage for future generations.


Founded in 2019 by a team of scientists and engineers from Imperial College, based in London UK. Multus creates animal-free serum replacements that promote cell growth without expensive nutrients. They believe that tackling the shortcomings of conventional livestock farming is critical to secure a sustainable future.