Nutreco named ‘Most Innovative Animal Nutrition Company’

World Finance 2022 Awards

This month, Nutreco has been named ‘Most Innovative Company in the Animal Nutrition Industry - 2022’ by World Finance, the influential international business quarterly. The accolade is part of the publication’s annual Innovation Awards, which honour excellence in various industries.

Receiving the award is a positive endorsement of our achievements to date. The work we have done in harnessing cutting-edge science and technology in animal nutrition and sharing expertise on new farming techniques with our customers is already shifting the dial and enabling farmers to improve productivity.

The ‘Most Innovative Company in the Animal Nutrition Industry’ award is also a powerful reminder that only by continuing to push boundaries will we be able to deliver the outcomes we seek over the longer term. 

Better nutrition for fish, shrimp and land animals will be an essential part of the fundamental changes we need to make to achieve our mission. Our Innovation teams work to help farmers optimise their practices with data-driven decision making through precision farming and nutrition; customised to an animal’s specific requirements. This helps farmers produce more, strengthen animals’ health and resilience and reduces the need to use external additions such as antibiotics in a sustainable way.

So, while we remain fully committed to supporting animal and fish farmers, we know that to feed a growing population, our industry must maximise all sources of food protein. For Nutreco this means adhering to our core principle of “and/and” rather than “either/or” and continuing to investigate different ways to optimise all protein sources, including plant-based proteins, cultured proteins and fungal fermentation. 

Through our NuFrontiers team, for example, we’ve developed innovative partnerships with the likes of Mosa Meat, BlueNalu, Enough and Roslin Technologies.

Our newest team NutEx (short for Nutreco Exploration) was set up to explore new science that unlocks novel nutritional solutions for animals. We’re especially focused on exploring the potential of phytotechnology and biotechnology, to capitalise on the tech-accelerated “big bang” in biological sciences over the last 15 years.

There’s no quick fix for the challenges of food scarcity and food insecurity. However, our ongoing commitment to pursuing truly innovative science, agri-tech, and farming techniques will, we hope, enable us to make a transformative contribution. 

We’re delighted that our focus on seeking innovative solutions has been recognised this week. As a research-driven, global leader in animal nutrition, we’re committed to the important role we must play in helping to address this challenge.  In fact, it’s become a passion; driven by our purpose of Feeding the Future. 

Check out what our CEO, Fulco van Lede, has to say in his editorial on innovating to feed the future (page 124 of the Winter edition of World Finance Magazine, published this week).