Wimke de Körver Honorary Medal for Nutreco

5 November 2021

We are proud to announce that Nutreco has been awarded the Wimke de Körver medal of honor this week. It was presented to our CEO, Fulco van Lede on Monday, November 1st by Boxmeer’s mayor, Karel van Soest.

The Wimke de Körver medal is a municipal award of Boxmeer, which is Nutreco’s first home and where Nutreco Nederland B.V. is still officially registered. The medal is named after Wimke Hendrix from Boxmeer – also known as Wimke de Körver (“the basket”) in reference to his family’s basket-making business  – that played a central role in our company’s history when he registered his animal feed sole proprietorship in 1916. Nutreco has been awarded the medal because of the national and international fame our innovative and decisive entrepreneurship has given Boxmeer, in addition to a substantial contribution to the social and economic structure of the municipality. Today, Nutreco is active in 100 countries on all continents, with more than 12,000 employees, 100 production locations and an annual turnover of over €6 billion. We now have 265 employees working at our site in Boxmeer in the areas of research, communications and marketing.