WWF calls Nutreco’s RoadMap 2025 a potential game changer

WWF recently published a business brief analysing Nutreco’s sustainability RoadMap 2025 and how it could be a game changer for animal feed sustainability. The brief highlighted the importance of company-led action to combat climate change and said Nutreco’s plan provides an example of how food industry leaders can set ambitious and tangible yet realistic targets. 

Nutreco’s RoadMap 2025, launched in late 2020, details bold targets for significant contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, and identifies the most relevant environmental, social and economic impacts for the company’s position in the value chain. It was the result of a materiality assessment that engaged close to 300 internal and external stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, NGOs and internal staff.

The WWF report remarks that, because of its use of resources, feed production contributes to climate change and is a leading contributor to deforestation and habitat conversion. “Despite this, many feed companies lag in sourcing transparency and progress toward making and meeting environmental commitments. Nutreco is looking to buck this trend and lead the industry in a different direction through ambitious goals, greater transparency in progress toward meeting them, and sharing what it has learned along the way.”

In response to the report, Nutreco’s Corporate Sustainability Director José R. Villalón says, “WWF’s track record in engaging business to address environmental impacts and biodiversity loss goes back decades. We are very pleased with their observations of our RoadMap 2025 and their recognition that we are on the right track in addressing our sustainability ambitions in a transparent, measurable and accountable way. Kudos to everyone involved in developing and executing RoadMap 2025.”

To find out more, you can read the WWF business brief and a related blog post by the NGO. You’ll find Nutreco’s full RoadMap 2025 on our website.