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We translate world-class research into practical, innovative solutions. Operating in over 90 countries across all five continents, we probably have more resource available than any other company in our industry to support our customers wherever they are in the world, whatever their requirements.

Fighting antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is a present danger and future threat for human as well as animal health. Learn more on how we contribute to reducing the use of antibiotics.

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Finding alternatives for scarce resources

Fishmeal is a key components of many aquafeeds. It is also a scarce raw material hampering the growth of aquaculture as a whole. Learn more on how we enable the sustainable progress of the aquaculture industry.

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Tailoring diets to specific needs

The average cow, chicken, pig or fish does not exist in reality. Just as with humans, every animal has its own specific dietary needs in different stages of life. Learn more on how we adapt diets to these specific needs.

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Producing more with less

If we continue like today, two planet earths by 2050 are needed to feed a growing world population. Learn more on how we contribute to producing more food with less resources.

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Reducing food waste with rapid diagnostics

Technology will significantly change the farming model of the future. Learn more on how rapid diagnostic tools play their part in improving animal health and reducing food waste.

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Initiating the dialogue

Without societal and consumer approval, innovation is worthless. Learn more on how we initiate the dialogue in our value chain.

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