Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Nutreco would not exist without its employees. Our goal is to create an incident-free work environment, so that our own people and everyone present at our locations can return home to families and loved ones without any harm.

The Global Safety Culture Program

The safety culture program is intended to enhance the visibility of safety throughout the organization. It values safety as part of doing business as a company. The program mainly focusses on the behavior of people throughout the organization.

HSE Governance

The Nutreco corporate HSE department guards the status of occupational health, safety, environment and operational quality in all Nutreco operations

HSE Rules & Standards

Nutreco HSE develops and enforces rules, standards and guidelines. Nutreco has developed its own HSE-Q system, independent of local legislation. This is one comprehensive, coherent and structured system of all HSE topics which ensures consistency and of audits and enables for rating/benchmarking.


Audits & Inspections

In order to ensure that the principles as defined are met throughout the company, Nutreco HSE on behalf of the Executive Committee regularly and on an ongoing basis audits and inspects all Nutreco operations.



Incident reporting; monitoring and follow up of HSE incidents. Monitoring and follow up of HSE non-conformities. The Nutreco Non Conformity (NC) system is the system that is used by Nutreco HSE to identify substandard conditions and situations that must be remediated by the Nutreco companies.