Animal welfare

Nutreco has operational control over live animal management through independent integrated farmers in Spain and Canada.  

In Spain, we work with contract farmers in poultry hatcheries and broiler production, as well as pork contract producers for white and Iberian pigs. In Canada, we own a poultry hatchery subjected to monthly audits, aligning with the National Chicken Council's animal welfare guidelines and holding Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) accreditation. 

Our ambition

Nutreco is committed to promoting animal welfare; we align with all regulations governing animal welfare, including housing conditions, animal density limits and transportation guidelines.

Our targets

  • Provide our team’s expert services to strategic OpCo clients, aiming to promote best practices and uphold the highest animal welfare standards. 
  • All animal handling businesses must obtain local independent animal welfare certification by 2025. 

Our progress

In Spain, our Inga Food business has achieved all the necessary animal welfare certifications by type of product it produces. These include Welfair for all production, Interporc Animal Welfare Spain (IAWS) for the production of white pigs, and Ibérico Animal Welfare (IBAW) for the production of Iberian pigs. Inga Food has also completed certification or renewal audits of the different regulations, and all pig production has corresponding animal welfare certifications. 

This progress is reinforced by Inga Food's Animal Welfare Policy, which includes the principles of responsibility, reliability, food safety, quality, traceability and respect for the environment and animal welfare, alongside a commitment to the responsible use of antibiotics. 

In Canada, we comply with the requirements as defined under the Canadian Hatching Egg Producers regulations for sourced hatching eggs. 

We certify that all broiler day-old chicks have been inspected for general physical condition prior to shipping and are handled according to the National Farm Animal Care Council code of practice for the care and handling of hatching eggs, breeders and chickens. 

Broiler and turkey growing farms are covered by the Turkey Farmers of Canada's On Farm Food Safety Programme (Programme de la salubrité des aliments à la ferme) and monitored by the producer association Poultry Farmers of Quebec (Les Éleveurs de volailles du Québec).