Sustainability report 2022

Feeding the Future is Nutreco’s purpose. It gives us inspiration and makes us proud to help solve one of humanity’s biggest challenges: sustainably feeding the world’s ever-growing population. Given our purpose, sustainability sits at the heart of our company’s strategy and agenda. It is integrated into the innovative products and services we offer our customers and is not only a passion but a business opportunity for our businesses around the world.

Our 2022 Report

This report outlines Nutreco’s progress on our sustainability RoadMap 2025 over 2022 and has been guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. In 2022, the GRI modified its compliance criteria to offer only Comprehensive Reporting criteria. Nutreco remains committed to GRI guidelines for its reporting structure, but we will increasingly incorporate the broader Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) criteria into our reporting format. We are exploring complete compliance with the CSRD in 2024. As a committed member to the Global Compact, Nutreco not only reports annually on our 2025 targets but also reports progress made against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We feel strongly at Nutreco that communicating about our sustainability efforts and commitment is an important way to influence change in our industry, so we are on a continuous quest to improve how we track, measure and report on our progress. 

We invite you to watch this video in which our CEO Fulco van Lede introduces Nutreco’s 2022 sustainability highlights. He looks back on another extraordinary year for our global community and how we continued to strive towards our purpose and sustainability ambitions despite the challenges we all faced.

Nutreco's Sustainability Report 2022

Feeding the Future is our passion at Nutreco, but we cannot do it alone. We invite all our partners across the value chain to join us in creating a more sustainable food system that will help ensure a brighter future for people across the world.
José Villalón, Nutreco's Corporate Sustainability Director