Project name: Feed for Meat

Project partners: Nutreco - Mosa Meat 

Project goal: to develop sustainable and cost-efficient feed for producing cultured meat.

This project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the React-EU program.

Project description

Feeding the world’s growing population will require us to explore alternative sources of sustainable protein – including cultivated meat. The ambitious objective of the “Feed for Meat” project is to develop sustainable and cost-efficient feed for producing cultivated meat. This will enable cultivated meat to be produced and marketed in an economically efficient way, so that it can be a real alternative to help us secure a sustainable supply of nutritious protein for future generations.

The collaboration between Nutreco Netherlands B.V. and Mosa Meat B.V. is leading to innovative solutions that will contribute to the global transition in climate, raw materials, agriculture and food practices. The involvement of knowledge institutions (Maastricht University and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo) in the project is also stimulating the innovative ecosystem in the south of the Netherlands to create long-lasting knowledge and expertise.

News article Mosa Meat

21 October 2021

Nutreco and Mosa Meat receive grant taking cellular agriculture a step closer to commercial viability