Aquarech is a platform allowing fish farmers to buy feed, access the tools to operate their farm, and to sell their fish production - efficiently, sustainably, and transparently.​ Their vision is to become the number one service platform for small and medium-sized fish farmers in Africa.​

"We are climate smart and we use IoT sensors to deliver climate smart technologies to small and medium sized fish farmers".


Beakbook is a weight collection and prediction system for chickens, specialising in transparent, high accuracy data collection that farmers can trust. Their API allows developers to easily integrate data from farm-side sensors.

"With Beakbook, every day, farmers can reliably know the mean weight and uniformity of their flock, as well as the predicted weights by accessing our API or logging in directly to our web app. And this is game changing for the sector."


BioBetter Ltd. has developed a groundbreaking, cost-effective, protein expression plant-based platform to produce complex growth factors for use in cultivated meat. Using a proprietary purification process that reduces production costs and substantially simplifies the process when compared to other currently available purification platforms.

"In BioBetter, we focus on harnessing the advantages of plants for large scale, agricultural production of growth factors."


Founded in 2019 by a team of scientists and engineers from Imperial College, based in London UK. Multus creates animal-free serum replacements that promote cell growth without expensive nutrients. They believe that tackling the shortcomings of conventional livestock farming is critical to secure a sustainable future.

"Changing how meat is produced could be one of the most powerful ways to mitigate the ongoing climate crisis. We take care of the growth media, so companies can bring tasty sustainable meat to everyone."


Aquaculture farm management for fish and shrimp farms, with a digital platform to reduce risks and improve the yield. Through cost, inventory and remote management tools.

"We are participating in this challenge to connect with experts and investors that are willing to join our journey to scale up the number of farmers who will be profitable from our solutions not only in Vietnam but globally."