The Nutreco’s 2022 Young Researchers Prize  

  • Chiara Guidi of the University of Ghent, Agboola Jeleel Opeyemi of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Giulio Giagnoni of Aarhus University in Denmark have been named Nutreco’s three finalists

  • The first second and third place prizes will be announced at winner’s ceremony on 11th October 2022

  • The author of the winning project will receive a €12,000 cash prize. Those placed second and third will receive €8,000 and €5,000, respectively.  

Nutreco has selected students from University of Ghent in Belgium, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Aarhus University in Denmark, as finalists for its second-annual Student Challenge competition.

Nutreco’s Young Researchers Prize tasks PhD students and first- and second-year post-doctorate researchers to put forward innovative ideas that could contribute to Nutreco’s overarching purpose of Feeding the Future. 

Chiara Guidi, Postdoctoral Researcher at Centre for Synthetic Biology at the University of Ghent was selected for her research project, “B-Cos we are the key to your problem,” which proposes a means of tackling antimicrobial resistance through the production and use of Chitooligosaccharides that target pathogens in the guts of weaning piglets, improving their immunity and growth, whilst preventing illness and reducing the need for antibiotics.

Agboola Jeleel Opeyemi, Research Fellow (PhD), Animal and Aquacultural Science, at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, earned a finalist spot for his submission, “Can fish grow on trees? Yeast as future feed ingredient”, which examines the nutritional and functional potential of yeasts produced from wood sugars as sustainable fish feeds

Finally, Giulio Giagnoni, PhD graduate student from Aarhus University in Denmark, has been recognised for his research project “Phenotype of climate-efficient dairy cows”, which aims to identify climate-efficient phenotypes of dairy cows and reduce methane emissions by amending their diets.

Nutreco’s global network of employees also cast their votes, with the final decision being made by the prize’s expert judging panel

The three finalists are invited to an award ceremony taking place in Amsterdam on 11th October 2022, where it will be announced which of the finalists take the first, second and third places. The ceremony will also be live streamed for Nutreco employees, students and the wider scientific community, and can be accessed here from 9:30am CET on 11th October 2022.

The author of the winning project will receive a €12,000 cash prize. Those placed second and third will receive €8,000 and €5,000, respectively.  


“Nutreco’s Young Researchers Prize not only celebrates the industry’s rising stars but helps turn their ideas into reality,” says Nutreco’s CEO, Fulco van Lede. “By encouraging innovative, sustainable, and adaptable solutions to the challenges we now face sets us on the right path to transforming not only the way we farm but also the future of food.”