The Nutreco’s 2022 Young Researchers Prize  

Applications are now open!

Launched in 2019 to mark Nutreco's 25th anniversary, the Young Researchers Prize is awarded to the most promising PhD students and post-doctorate working globally across animal nutrition, livestock production, aquaculture, veterinary sciences and cellular agriculture.

Today, Nutreco announces the launch of its second ever YRP edition. The prize is open to PhD students and post-doctorate in their first or second year. Our population is growing, and we urgently need agricultural solutions that sustainably generate enough food to feed the world.

Are you one of the three best researchers who will impress our judges with novel approaches and solutions in the animal nutrition area that tackle this challenge, through sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices?

“Nutreco’s Young Researchers Prize not only celebrates the industry’s rising stars but helps turn their ideas into reality,” says Nutreco’s CEO, Fulco van Lede. “By encouraging innovative, sustainable, and adaptable solutions to the challenges we now face sets us on the right path to transforming not only the way we farm but also the future of food.”

The winner of the 2020 prize, Sudhanshu Sudan, a PhD Animal Biosciences Researcher from the University of Guelph in Canada, impressed the judges with his research hypotheses that focused on animal welfare and combatting weaning stress in piglets by using advanced probiotics and antimicrobial peptides. The judges found Sudhanshu’s project particularly impressive given the use of antimicrobial technology, in turn combatting antibiotic reliance.

Discussing the Prize, Sudhanshu Sudan said: "Whilst any academic will tell you the importance of proper funding, the Young Researchers Prize is more than just prize money. The recognition the Prize gives to young academics’ work is invaluable. It has given me the confidence and conviction that the decision to pursue my PhD was the right one. It’s incredibly satisfying to think that my ideas will be part of the solution to feed the future in a more sustainable way'. Click here to read Sudhanshu’s blog.

Prize details

The Nutreco Young Researchers Prize consists of:

-          First place, with a cash prize of €12,000

-          Second place, with a cash prize of €8,000

-          Third place, with a cash prize of €5,000

Prizes will be awarded at the winner's ceremony taking place in early October 2022 in the Netherlands.

The submissions will be judged against how well they address at least one of the following challenges facing the industry:

Novel ingredients

As we work toward feeding a global population of almost 10 billion by 2050, the demand for high-quality protein is increasing. Innovative and sustainable ways to produce protein are urgently needed – and novel ingredients will play a key role in the solution.

Antimicrobial Resistance

It is estimated that by 2050, resistance to antibiotics will cause more deaths than cancer does today. This is one of the biggest public health challenges facing the world. The agriculture industry can play an important role in reducing the reliance on antibiotics within animal husbandry, which will ultimately have a positive impact on human health.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

As global temperatures continue to rise at an alarming rate, we need to find ways to reduce agriculture’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions through precision farming methods and digital solutions.

Are you a PhD student or post-doctorate working globally across animal nutrition, livestock production, aquaculture, veterinary sciences and/or cellular agriculture? Apply to the Nutreco Young Researchers Prize now!

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