Top 15 start-ups chosen for 2022 Nutreco Feed & Food Tech Challenge

Just one breakthrough solution could reshape the future of protein production – and help Nutreco achieve its purpose of Feeding the Future. The 2022 Nutreco Feed & Food Tech Challenge is giving start-ups with the potential to change our industry the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. We have chosen 15 of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, from a total of 150 applicants in 48 countries, to embark on this Challenge. These teams will pitch their innovations in three categories: improving alternative food proteins, livestock farming and aquaculture.

We’re proud to announce who the competing teams and juries – comprised of both Nutreco and industry experts – will be for each category. 

Alternative food proteins

Feeding the world’s growing population will require both sustainable farming practices and alternative protein technologies. The innovations chosen in this category include cultivated and fermented food proteins: 

The teams:

Multus Biotechnology Limited, BioBetter, Harmony Baby Nutrition, Mogale Meats, Aïo Tech

The jurors:

Rosie Wardle, Co-Founder, and Partner at Synthesis Capital.

Susanne Wiegel, Head of Alternative Protein Programme at NuFrontiers, Nutreco’s investment arm.

“We have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of innovation potential in the food sector. There’s so much more to come. The next few years will see a rapid acceleration in technology breakthroughs and scale-ups, which will drive a paradigm shift in food production,” says juror Rosie Wardle.

Livestock farming

Transformative feed ingredients, additives, programmes and equipment can help us reduce the environmental impact and improve the productivity of raising livestock. These innovative ideas have been selected for their potential to improve livestock farming.

The teams:

Jaguza, Biorefic, YieldX, Beakbook, Microharvest

The jurors:

Laëtitia Gerbe, partner at Seventure Partners, a Venture Capital firm

Silke Birlenbach, Head of Global Innovation at Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s Livestock Feed business line.

“Innovation and technology will be key to a sustainable food future, as well as supply chain efficiency. Stakeholders’ goals shall be to reduce the burden on the environment while creating efficiencies via technology that benefits farmers, the planet and consumers. This leaves a huge space for innovators to find their way and bring breakthrough innovations to the market, building new standards for our future,” says juror Laëtitia Gerbe


Alternative farming systems, additives, and digital solutions can promote sustainability and reduce the reliance on antibiotics. Find out how these breakthrough ideas are paving the way for the future of aquaculture.

The teams:

Tepbac, CirkulärBio, Aquarech, Aquanzo, Organicin Scientific

The jurors:

Alex Obach, Innovation Director at Skretting, Nutreco’s aquaculture business line.

Maren Hjorth Bauer, Katapult/S2G/Fynd Ocean Ventures

Alexandre Van der Wees, Investment Director at Creadev

“Feeding the Future means that we need to deliver enough healthy food to 10 billion people by 2050 in a sustainable way, when today we do not manage to properly feed 7 billion without a considerable footprint. If we want to succeed, we will need a lot of feed and food innovation, not only on what kind of food to produce, but also on how and where to produce it.” says juror Alex Obach.

Find more information about the competition and how to take a virtual seat to catch the 15 best ideas for Feeding the Future, visit this website.