The starkest climate warning of our generation: IPCC report 2021

The UN’s latest IPCC report 2021 made for stark reading, described by the UN Secretary General António Guterres as ‘code red for humanity’. Perhaps what is most striking about this latest report is the bleak tone with which it is written. It lays bare that the planet is facing an emergency - and the dire consequences we are facing not just in the future, but today. It also underscores that what we are doing collectively is not enough or is being poorly resourced.

In addition, the report - and the need for drastic global measures to be taken immediately - has since dominated the news agenda, as across the world we all consider the roles we have to play. The case for us to reach zero emissions and invest smartly to find innovative solutions to go beyond that, is clear.

Like many in the sector, our own role within the climate crisis is always front of mind. Nutreco recognizes that we have a critical part to play and it’s one we are determined not to shy away from. Nutreco’s vision for the industry is ambitious and clear, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Roadmap 2025, our sustainability strategy for the next five years, outlines our goals and targets, and are in large part focused on how to reduce emissions and tackle climate change. Nutreco is committed to achieving a reduction of 30% of GHG emissions for scope 1 & 2 and 58% reduction in our scope 3. We wholly support the objective of the Paris Agreement. 

 Nutreco is also among more than 1,000 other leading global companies committed to the UN’s Science Based Targets initiative. Our reduction targets are published and aligned with the carbon reduction strategies included in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Other key aspects of the roadmap include making a public commitment to transition to a deforestation-free supply chain in our sourcing of commodity grain ingredients. 

As part of tackling climate change we are targeting the use of Life Cycle Assessment methodology to offer our clients product options with lower carbon footprint, we are prioritizing the use of novel ingredients with lower carbon footprints and have invested more than €30 million a year in innovation as well as R&D. In addition, our NuFrontiers division has invested in alternative protein companies such as MosaMeat, ENOUGH and BlueNalu

Certainly this is just a snapshot and a starting point. Nutreco is dedicating extensive resources to making a much more positive, truly impactful change as we can. As said by the UN Secretary General “there is no time for delay and no room for excuses”, and so industry-wide and beyond we must all pull together and act accordingly, now.