RoadMap 2025

Our Sustainability Roadmap 2025 outlines Nutreco’s sustainability approach and objectives, and, where possible, measurable targets, under three focus areas. 

At Nutreco, we are committed to delivering sustainable products and services, something that begins with sustainable sourcing, and we are focused on achieving the best results towards animal health and farm productivity. 

This is part of our overall commitment to good citizenship towards all our stakeholders, especially our employees, the communities where we operate, and the developing world.

Since 2012, we have been working towards our Vision 2020 sustainability strategy. Now that we are reaching its conclusion, it is time to look to the future and ensure our sustainability ambitions remain aligned with our overall Nutreco strategy and ambitions.

Nutreco has a strong track record in leading the way with sustainability challenges. RoadMap 2025 is an ambitious strategy that further strengthens and progresses the sustainability work our employees do every day. Sustainability is critical in helping us achieve our purpose of Feeding the Future and we believe RoadMap 2025 reflects this.
Fulco van Lede, CEO Nutreco

Our three main themes

Health and welfare - This is at the core of everything we do as a company and are areas where we can make a big difference, in partnership with our customers.

Climate and circularity - People worldwide are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of food production, by working together with partners at every stage of the value chain we can reduce our environmental impact.

Good citizenship - As a responsible company, we want to be a good citizen and have a positive impact on our main stakeholder groups. This includes doing business with respect for the rights of everyone impacted by Nutreco.


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Roadmap 2025