8.2 Occupational health and safe work

We care about the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors, visitors and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to promoting a safe working environment of continuous improvement, trust and mutual collaboration.

In 2021, we fully embraced SHV’s purpose, “Courage to Care,” and positioned health and safety more centrally in our business and our ways of working. We set up a dedicated Global Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Centre of Expertise to lead and support this across the company and launched many activities to promote leadership behaviour and control operational risks.

To help prevent accidents and work-related illnesses, Nutreco has developed its NuSAFE principles, a set of policies, manuals and standards, which include four elements:

  • Visible Felt Leadership.
  • A knowledgeable and competent workforce.
  • A well-designed and maintained workplace.
  • Safe behaviour.

We are working to ensure all four elements are in place and continuously improved across Nutreco’s operations globally. Each element is critical and linked to the others; we will ensure our sites never rely on any one element, but rather take a holistic and integrated approach to HSE risk management.

Visible Felt Leadership

Visible Felt Leadership starts from the top; it is the management’s total actions that lead people at all levels to understand and “feel” their leaders’ high standards and expectations and accept their strong commitment to safety as being genuine, caring and respectful.

It is essential that leaders walk the talk and change their own behaviour to become role models for the organisation, and by doing so, influence and change other people’s behaviour.


Knowledgeable and competent workforce

A capable organisation is one that invests in its workforce, ensuring that employees have the right skills and knowledge to perform their activities in a safe and efficient way.

We make all employees responsible for ensuring that they understand risks, follow the rules and only perform the tasks they have been trained for. Managers are responsible for ensuring that employees are fit for the task, are informed about the hazards when carrying out their activities and are trained to perform these tasks safely.


Well-designed and maintained workplace

The most effective design processes begin at the earliest opportunity during the conceptual and planning phases of a workplace. This is where you have the greatest chance of finding ways to prevent hazards and incorporate effective risk control measures and efficiencies.

At Nutreco, we believe that a well-designed and well-maintained workplace is a healthy and safe workplace where hazards and risks are eliminated or minimised as much as reasonably practicable.
It is also where the work-design optimises human performance, job satisfaction, innovation and productivity. A safe and well-designed workplace should have the following positive elements in place:

  • Protects employees from harm to their health, safety and welfare.

  • Improves employee health and wellbeing.

  • Improves business success through higher employee productivity.

Last but not least, NuSAFE integrates a “just culture” approach. A just culture is where employees are recognised for their positive contribution and not punished for actions, omissions or decisions that correspond to their daily tasks, or training that they have had. Of course, gross negligence, wilful violations and destructive acts are not tolerated. A just culture environment ensures employees remain motivated. It is important that people take care of themselves and of each other in addition to learning from each other.

We are engaged to implement a world-class safety culture, in which everyone embraces safety – not because they must, but because they want to. A culture in which all employees know that safe behaviour is considered professional behaviour, and that it is everyone’s duty to return home safely every day.

Our progress

2021 was a year of transition for our HSE programme, with new teams, new management and a new structure being put in place. We have been able to raise the awareness and the sense of urgency on HSE. The quality of our incident investigations is improving, thanks to coaching and training.

We have delivered on all our agreed commitments towards safety in 2021. For example, we performed a dust explosion assessment of the first 10 of our operations plants. We also trained 217 senior managers and HSE team members in Leadership Through Safety and over 4,332 employees and managers in Life Saving Rules (34% of the workforce) and Visible Felt Leadership. 

We developed a Nutreco Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement. All Nutreco sites worldwide participated in Safety Week. And last but not least, Nutreco’s management validated and approved our four-year strategic roadmap for safety called “Zero Harm Mindset.” We continue to invest significant resources to enhance safety in existing and future projects. 

The improvements we have made to our reporting culture and transparency have led to our Lagging Indicators Total Recordable Frequency rate (TRCF) and Potential Serious Injury/Fatality (PSIF) rates increasing. We havealso changed the definition of the PSIF; now any incident involving one or more Life Saving Rules is considered a PSIF.

Manual handling and lifting (Ergonomics) was the number one cause of the injuries reported in 2021.


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